Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Court Case: Johnny Depp’s Body Language

It is only fair to do an analysis of Johnny Depp’s body language after doing one for Amber. I have seen a lot of comments about Amber’s behaviour but not much on Johnny. I mean, throughout the court case Amber has been externalising her feelings and showing a lot more emotions than Johnny. He seems to hold a poker face and so it may be assumed there is not a lot to comment on Johnny’s body language.

But the fact that he is not showing a lot of emotions also says something. It seems like Johnny is barely using hand gestures or changing his presentation, keeping the same tone of voice etc which is also heard in the voice records from their arguments. Having the same presentation, particularly around his speech could mean that Johnny is showing up to the court as he is, and not putting up an act for anyone. Or it could also mean that he is showing the jury this persona which may be very likeable and be seen as a victim, rather than the aggressor of any abuse.

Johnny seems quite closed in his body posture. He is looking down a lot, and not engaging with people around him and the jury, which may present the distress and the uncomfortable place he is in. It is known that people’s body postures change with their emotions. When feeling negative emotions such as sadness, fear and anxiety, we may have a closed posture, and make our bodies smaller to avoid engagement from stressors.

He also never makes eye contact with the jury or face them when answering questions. This could be his way of showing the jury that he does not need to make extra effort to gain their sympathy and that he is not trying too hard as he is comfortable in his trial. Another explanation could be, that no eye contact, no engagement with the jury, closed body posture, looking down most of the time and wearing dark glasses could give out a look of a ‘victim’ and he may be consciously or unconsciously get in a victim mode during the trial.

He is also avoidant of any eye contact with Amber Heard. Again, this could be a part of the victim mentality; avoiding eye contact to avoid any engagement with the other person and any discomfort that might cause. From the outside, we can see some kind of power dynamics, Johnny avoiding eye contact and looking down while Amber has an upright posture, strong eye contact with people around the room and looks straight into Johnny’s eyes at times as if she is dominant over him.

Body language expert Janine Driver points out that during talks over the abuse Johnny received from his mother, he tends to smile. She interprets this as a defence mechanism to hide the vulnerability and pain he is experiencing during these conversations.

These are some of the things I have noticed about Johnny’s body language and how they may be interpreted. Have you noticed anything else about his body language or have any thoughts about the case at all? Let me know in the comments below!

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